I'm a whistleblower for Justice, People and Planet!

From the Amazon rainforest burning...

to endless wars, from Julian Assange to Mumia Abu Jamal, covid to climate chaos, housing to policing, Palestine to the Philippines, to Amazon workers unionizing, and Yemeni children starving...

while the 1% are having their fling in outer space at the expense of the 99%.

We are connecting the dots...
We are building a coalition of coalitions among groups ranging from Black Lives Matter and Codepink to Occupy Wall Street, Extinction Rebellion, Veterans For Peace and World BEYOND War and YOU. 

We invite you and your organizations to become members.



"I'm a whistleblower for Justice, People and Planet!"
- Jazmine Roberts, Housing activist

Rising Together! Co-Chairs

Ralph Poynter, Kathy Kelly, Nick Mottern


Organizers Committee

Ralph Poynter, Kathy Kelly, Nick Mottern, Sati Choudhary, Jerry Hassett, Trudy Silver, Steve Brown, Ryme Katkhoudha, Nate Smith, , Vicki Ross, zool Zulkowitz 


Outreach Committee

Jacqui Deveneau, Vicki Ross, V. Jane Orendain, Kathy Kelly, Trudy Silver, Sati Choudhary


Logistics Committee

Sati Choudhary, Gary Davidson


Program Committee

Ryme Kathouda, Trudy Silver, Johanna Fernandez, Mimi Rosenberg, Joel Landy, John Kane, Claire Willins, Larry White, zool Zulkowitz


Website & Database

Nate Smith, Jack Flynn


Social Media

Jack Flynn, Moses Hernandez McGavin, Jillian Hanesworth, Angela Palumbo, Jazmine Roberts


Stage & Tech Committee

Larry White, Gary Davidson, Joe Friendly


Press & Media Advisory

John David Baldwin, Ryme Kathkouda, Nick Mottern


Pacifica Executive Producers

Ryme Kathkouda, Verna Avery-Brown, Lona Alias


World BEYOND War

David Swanson, Greta Zarro, Alice Slater, Marc Eliot Stein

To join a committee or for more information:

Contact zool Zulkowitz at zoolTheArtAndPolitics@hotmail.com